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Raymond Mearns

Raymond Mearns is one of the UK's finest circuit comedians. At the same time he has successfully

balanced his career to incorporate work as a character actor in film and TV with roles in the highly

acclaimed “Limmy’s show” (2010), The Rab C Nesbitt Christmas Special (2009) and as Happy Boab

in the BBC Scotland Sitcom: 'Legit' (2008).

Raymond’s Films include Ae Fond Kiss (2004) and 'It's a Free World' (2007), both directed by the

legendary Ken Loach.


                                                       Calum “Bob” Weir  

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Calum ‘Bob’ Weir is a Graduate of the Prestigious Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. He is an award winning Writer and Director and much of his time has been spent in collaboration with some of the newest and best up and coming Scottish Talent.

The Founder of Endemic Comedy has recently been recognised as a major new talent and is currently working with a Major Independent Scottish based Production company on a number of projects.